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Car Wash BD | Best Car Wash in Bangladesh

Searching for a ‘car wash’ or ‘car wash near me’ in Google? Look no more! Car wash Bangladesh brings you the best car wash services.


Car Wash BD is a brand that is set to revolutionize the way people think about car care. It’s a one-of-a-kind mechanized automobile cleaning concept in which vehicles are pampered with cutting-edge technology such as high-pressure cleaning machines, spray injection and extraction machines, high-powered vacuums, steam cleaners, and so on providing your required service at required locations.

Contact our business for more information or request to get a free quote and we will provide you the best car wash service at an affordable cost and win free air fresheners and bonus free washes with unlimited wash club membership. Join our club and let us take great care of getting your vehicle. Get you vehicle washed at the best value for your money. We come to the locations requested wherever in Dhaka!

We provide car wash services in Dhanmondi, car wash services in Mohammadpur, Car wash services in Bashundhara, car wash services in Gulshan… you get the picture!

What We Offer with our Car Wash Services

Car Wash BD provides exceptional car washes with not only exclusive deals and promotions but also unlimited plans. Your vehicle is washed by a caring team of professionals that understand the value of your time. We use only ecologically friendly goods and adhere to the highest industry standards and you get also get the opportunity to get free car washes and free vacuums.

Each of our car wash professionals is committed to continual training in order to provide this level of consistent great clean work. Car Wash BD customers in each of our markets benefit from best-in-industry standards and practices powered by state of the art technology because to our commitment to continuous learning and creating long term relationships with our customers.

Our job is to keep your cars shiny and dustless besides protecting your vehicle from other damages. If this seems like the kind of care and attention you’d expect from your car wash, come see us now and become a member of the Car Wash BD club and get your car washed hassle free!



What can I use to wash my car?

Prepare by scrubbing and lathering. To remove surface grime and give your vehicle a good coating of shampoo, spray with water. For a basic wash, keep your attention on the wheels and tires. Your job is to clean the vehicle’s wheels and wash the tires with a hose with a nozzle that offers excellent water pressure. Rinse and dry. Or just leave it to us while you sit back and relax!

How often to wash car?

It’s a great idea to wash your ride at least once every two as a general guideline to protect your vehicle from damages. Obsessives will do it at least every other day, if not more frequently. In addition, irregular dirt, such as road dirt and bug guts, must be dealt with at once to avoid damage to the paint or metal.

Overview of our Car Wash Solutions

Services Include

  • Full Car Interior Vacuum Clean 

  • Dashboard, Seat, Ceiling Polish & Shine

  • Storage Compartment Shine & Clean

  • Interior Full Antibacterial Deep Steam Clean

What to Expect from our washes

  • Well Experienced Professional for Car Wash and Clean

  • A Prompt and Convenient on time Car Wash Experience

  • Fast Paced and Convenient Washes

  • A Range of Eco-Friendly Techniques are Used for Car Wash & Cleaning

  • Nice & Friendly team

Keep in Note

  • Water & Electricity Supply Need to be Ensured by the Customer

  • Depending on automobile Type, Membership Price, Discounts May Vary Slightly

Car Wash BD - Car Wash Near Me
Car Wash Near Me | Car Wash Near Me Bangladesh
Car Wash in BD | Car Wash Bangladesh



Is there a minimum amount that must be paid?

Yes, if the customer decides not to use the service after the service provider has visited the area, a BDT 300 home service charge will be applied. However, if the customer agrees to use the service at the agreed-upon hour, the home service price is waived.

What materials do I need to clean my vehicle at the curb?

All product ingredients required for auto cleaning will be available to the auto cleaning service mechanics. You only need to make sure that the vehicle wash business has access to electricity and water.

How to order

  • Discover solutions & convenient locations

    From the category, select the service you are looking for.

  • Find your desired time & find a location

    Select your convenient time slot and find a location for your car wash.

  • Place order

    Confirm your order by clicking ‘Purchase’ or ‘Discounts’ if you have any membership club access.


Preparations against COVID-19

We are well-equipped and well-prepared to protect your health and hygiene while serve you. Our preparations include-

  • Checked Health condition of service specialist

  • Ensuring the use of masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc

  • Clean and disinfect equipment before and after the work

  • Maintaining social distancing



Car Wash Service in Bangladesh

Every day you can find a hundreds of car wash solutions at different locations or near your location but if you are a member of Car Wash BD you don’t have to worry about locations and keeping your car nice and clean. So if you are looking for a car washes near you Car Wash BD is here to take great care of your precious automobile.

For more details, please contact our company or get an estimate, and we will supply you with the best automobile wash service at an affordable price, as well as complimentary air fresheners and unlimited wash club membership. Be a member and join our club say goodbye to dirt.