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Color Change Wrap Training

Learn in a practical and professional way how to wash the exterior, decontaminate, clean the interior and protect cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles with our online auto detailing training course for beginners.

In our auto detailing training classes you will learn the various techniques and systems for the realization of these cleanings, ranging from waterless systems to car wash tunnels, this as far as the exterior is concerned.

For interiors we will also learn about the various techniques ranging from steam cleaning, injection-extraction, foam for upholstery, as well as upholstery stain removal techniques, recovery of leather upholstery, deodorization and sanitization of interiors, including sanitization of air conditioning circuits.

The specificities of the cleaning and recovery of leasing vehicles or vehicles for sale and purchase are other techniques that will be known in our car detailing training.

Practical demonstrations will also be carried out with the new ionized water system, which disintegrates the most encrusted dirt, while causing a longer cleaning duration.

It has been proven that people who are well prepared to carry out this work not only achieve total efficiency, but also double their level of productivity, that is to say, they reduce the costs of execution by half.

Also in this course we will expose a series of marketing strategies of proven results, which have led to the growth and success of companies that are professionally engaged in the cleaning of vehicles and coaches.

What will you learn with our online auto detailing training course for beginners?

  • Washing the exterior by hand, in a very effective and careful way.
  • Washing in an environmentally friendly way, without water.
  • Clean the engine compartment safely, depending on the type of dirt.
  • Clean the rims until they are perfect.
  • To leave the crystals totally transparent.
  • To clean the interior completely, eliminating all types of stains.

Renew all the materials, to restore the appearance again.

Contents of the car detailing training classes

  • Cleaning of the engine compartment: previous considerations, inspection and determination of the most suitable technique.
  • Superficial cleaning for engines with light dirt.
  • Tornado cleaning for engines with medium soiling.
  • Intensive, safe oiling for extremely dirty engines.
  • Renewal of plastics, rubber and metal parts.

Frequently asked questions about our course:

Do I need to have previous knowledge?

No, you don’t. With our specialized automotive cosmetic teachers you will be able to obtain all the corresponding knowledge to become certified as a professional car cleaner.

Do I need to bring any material with me?

No. In case of our online course you will need to bring your own material. But in case you wish to see our courses in person, we will provide you with the supplements.

Who teaches the course?

Mel Craig is our main teacher. He will teach you everything you need to know in the field of vehicle maintenance.

Learn with us!

Learn automotive detailing online with the best auto detailing training class at Auto Detail School. We are an automotive detailing shop. With us you will learn everything related to this world and you will become passionate about seeing cars shine.

Enter our web portal and know all the courses we have available for you and all the tips available for proper car maintenance.

You can contact us through our customer service line (800-304-3464) or leave an email at [email protected] and we will gladly assist you.

Color Change Wrap Training

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